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A D&D actual play podcast with new episodes every Tuesday! Join eight best friends and nerdy actors as we tell a collaborative story through Dungeons & Dragons!

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The Reds decide to sail with Olivia LeDoux, the Vesturn naval captain, on her ship, the Shadow. Setting sail to Svanhill, they explore life at sea, do some socializing with the crew, and encounter a few strangers that may not be strangers at all.

Hrothgar's Hoard

Check out this fabulous Kickstarter launching this week! Thanks to Hrothgar's Hoard for reaching out to have us test out one of these DM Systems. Here's what DM Max had to say:

"I am utterly in love with the DM set that was sent our way. When I opened the box I literally gasped. The woodwork, metalwork, and engraving are truly something special. The dragon carving just fills my little nerd heart with so much joy.

I’ve never had a dice box before, and I feel spoiled rotten that this is my first one. I can organize my dice inside and the padded interior (which itself has stunning artwork) muffles the dice rolls, which helps with the audio for our podcast! Plus, the whiteboard allows me to keep track of initiative in an easy-to-see place! When all my stuff is in one convenient place it can really make things easier.

The dice tower is a blast as well! I’ve already figured out fun and interesting ways to include it in our game, when I can roll in front of everybody during pivotal moments, by dropping the d20 into the tower and letting fate take the wheel!

It’s truly a DMs dream come true, simply from a utility standpoint, and the fact that it’s utterly beautiful as well just makes this kit an absolute must-have."

Visit the Kickstarter now!

Character art by ABDIllustrates (DeviantArt, YouTube, website).

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