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Welcome to Adventures in Questing, a collaborative, narrative storytelling podcast, told through Dungeons and Dragons! We’re a group of eight IRL best friends (and theatre people) who are passionate about playing D&D. Follow our party, Raff’s Reds, through a tale of humor, heroics and heart in a totally original homebrew world.

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Meet the Players

Max Huftalin

Dungeon Master & 10,000 NPCs

Twitter: @maxhuftalin

Meet Max!

Ali Lente

Winnie: Gnome Wizard

Twitter: @ali_lente

Instagram: @ali_the_kid

Meet Ali!

Jaiden Castleton

Raiden: Air Genasi Warlock

Twitter: @jaidencastleton

Instagram: @jaidencastleton

Meet Jaiden!

Michelle Lynn Thompson

Thora: Air Genasi Barbarian

Twitter: @mlthompson10

Instagram: @mlthompson10

Meet Michelle!

Tristan B. Johnson

Lela: Fire Genasi Sorcerer

Twitter: @tbjohnson22

Instagram: @tristanj139

Meet Tristan!

Suni Gigliotti

Pimm: Halfling Fighter

Instagram: @sunirayze

Meet Suni!

Katelyn Limber

Dr. Doxi: Dragonborn Ranger

Sound Designer, Editor, and Composer

Twitter: @katelynlimber

Instagram: @katelynlimber

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Shianne Gray

Cordelia: Sea Elf Rogue

Marketing & social media gal

Twitter: @shianne_gray

Instagram: @shiannegray

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Character art by ABDIllustrates (DeviantArt, YouTube, website).