Meet Ali!

Meet Ali Lente, who plays Winnie the gnome wizard in Adventures in Questing! We asked Ali a few questions about her D&D journey:⁣⁣

1. How long have you been playing D&D?

I have been playing D&D since August 2018. Newbie in the house!⁣

2. What’s your favorite thing about the campaign so far?

My favorite thing about the campaign so far is how varied our adventures have been. There's so many different things happening and there's a definite sense of "wow, this could go in so many directions." It's exciting to discover things each session!⁣⁣

3. What did you think D&D was before you started playing?

Before I started playing D&D I thought what most people think, that it is the nerdiest thing possible and people just sit around playing super outlandish characters in scenes. I also pictured people acting fighting scenes out? So...I mean that's kind of what it is but what threw me is how real it feels when you're at the table. I have had so many scenes that I've watched or been INN that have brought me to tears, made me angry, or made me fall in love...but as my character. It's WILD.⁣