Meet Michelle!

Meet Michelle Lynn Thompson, who plays Thora the air genasi barbarian in Adventures in Questing! We asked Michelle a few questions about her D&D journey:

1. How long have you been playing D&D?

I’ve been playing D&D for almost a year! I think I started playing in June of 2018… 😊

2. What inspired this character?

Thora is inspired by some of my favorite characters! She’s got a little bit of Thor (I know, you’re SHOCKED on that one), a little bit of Theo from The Haunting of Hill House, a little bit of Jessica Jones... I was also really inspired by the idea of a character who lived her life one way but who suddenly had to deal with her life taking a turn she didn’t expect, kinda falling down a darker path, and now trying to get back to what she was.. if that makes sense. I also really wanted to be siblings with Jaiden, cause he’s such a great player and I thought the sibling bond could be real fun!

3. What scares you about this campaign?

What scares me about the campaign is honestly any time Max just starts rolling dice.. like, when the party is about to rest or we’re going into a room or something and Max just starts ROLLING DICE without describing anything happening? You KNOW some crazy shit is about to pop up. And it terrifies me every time.