Meet Suni!

Meet Suni Gigliotti, who plays Pimm the halfling fighter in Adventures in Questing! We asked Suni a few questions about her D&D journey:

1. What inspired this character?

This is my first time playing a non-spell casting character and I knew after ending the last campaign I wanted to play a fighter. Usually I wait until I get an instinct toward a certain character and then I follow it and develop the character in my mind over some time (and of course with the help of a Pinterest board!). When I imagined Pimm, I was drawn to the idea of the anti-stereotype of a fighter: someone who isn’t inclined to violence, isn’t the most confident in his craft, but is inspired by the greatness of heroes in legends.

2. What scares you about this campaign?

There’s so much more that lies ahead! Knowing Max, there are plenty of twists and turns to come. While I’m not scared, I just know there’s a lot more to be discovered and some surprising events waiting for us. Good thing Pimm has no clue about plot twists 😉

3. What would your IRL class be?

Ranger ⛰