An Update on AIQ

Hey everyone, we hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. There are a couple of things we wanted to talk about today addressing the current status of our campaign.

Jaiden, who plays Raiden, is no longer a part of the campaign, and no longer plays at our table. We officially parted ways a few months ago, in March. It became clear to us as a group that his play style and values in gameplay do not reflect our values in Adventures in Questing, or as participants in the larger TTRPG community. This disconnect between our values and what was actually happening at the table led us to the changes currently happening.

There was a lot going on behind the scenes that we will not be explaining in detail, but we want to be clear that we didn’t come to this decision lightly. Since the beginning of the campaign, there have been many instances when players felt silenced, uncomfortable, and targeted by microaggressions. Most of this was cut out of the podcast, and we understand that this may not have been the experience of our listeners. Although Jaiden is no longer a part of our campaign, we are currently releasing episodes from games that were recorded in October of 2019. For this reason, you may still hear him in some episodes going forward, but his role will be diminished and will eventually be phased into an NPC played by Max.

In D&D, we deal with a lot of complex, emotional, and vulnerable situations, and this means we have to be especially conscious in creating a space of trust in which we all feel safe to explore and have fun. At our table, we value generosity, empathy, consent, and respect. We always want to make sure that we, as players, are elevating each other and that we are heard—both in and out of character. However, in our intentions to be tolerant and generous at the table, we ended up subjecting ourselves to gameplay that was uncomfortable and damaging.

We’re very aware we’re not alone in this experience and these issues are not exclusive to our table, or even to the TTRPG community in general. We encourage others in the same position to stand up for your game. If you notice a party member making comments or showing behaviors that are harmful to you or any potentially marginalized groups, please, don’t feel like you need to be silent because it is “just a game”. Players and DMs that make you feel small or unheard should not be tolerated or excused.

We recognize that this can be hard, but your enjoyment of the game and your mental health is more than worth the fight. After all, it’s the teamwork that makes the dream work. Let your tables be places of open and honest communication, of generosity and empathy, of consent and respect.

Thanks for listening and understanding.

Adventures in Questing

Ali, Katelyn, Max, Michelle, Shianne, Suni, and Tristan

AIQ on ABC4—Good Things Utah

We were fortunate enough to be featured on our local news channel here in Salt Lake City to talk about D&D and demonstrate a little bit of our game to the world!

Click here to watch!

Hrothgar's Hoard

July 30, 2019 | by Shianne

Check out this fabulous Kickstarter launching this week! Thanks to Hrothgar's Hoard for reaching out to have us test out one of these DM Systems. Here's what DM Max had to say:

"I am utterly in love with the DM set that was sent our way. When I opened the box I literally gasped. The woodwork, metalwork, and engraving are truly something special. The dragon carving just fills my little nerd heart with so much joy.

I’ve never had a dice box before, and I feel spoiled rotten that this is my first one. I can organize my dice inside and the padded interior (which itself has stunning artwork) muffles the dice rolls, which helps with the audio for our podcast! Plus, the whiteboard allows me to keep track of initiative in an easy-to-see place! When all my stuff is in one convenient place it can really make things easier.

The dice tower is a blast as well! I’ve already figured out fun and interesting ways to include it in our game, when I can roll in front of everybody during pivotal moments, by dropping the d20 into the tower and letting fate take the wheel!

It’s truly a DMs dream come true, simply from a utility standpoint, and the fact that it’s utterly beautiful as well just makes this kit an absolute must-have."

Visit the Kickstarter now!

Our First Q&A!

June 4, 2019 | by Shianne

Warning: spoilers for episodes 1-10 within!

We did a Q&A video! You sent in questions, we answered 'em. Sorry we couldn't get to everybody—we'll do another one of these sometime soon! Maybe we'll make it a tradition between arcs? We'll be back to the story next week with Episode 12! See you then!

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The AIQ Crew

Giveaway Time!

June 18, 2019 | by Shianne

We are SO excited to announce our very first ✨GIVEAWAY!

We’re celebrating reaching 10,000 downloads of our podcast—and we couldn’t have done it without you! To say thanks, one lucky follower will win everything pictured:

  • Three gorgeous, handmade D20 candles from @sierracraftcandles
  • One purple and yellow Wisp 7-piece polyhedral dice set from Die Hard Dice
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  • One gold and purple glitter metal D20 from Die Hard Dice
  • Signed print of AIQ’s official character art by @abdillustrates
  • Five AIQ logo stickers
  • Adventures in Questing zippered pouch with handmade stone charm


Visit our social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for instructions on how to enter through each of those platforms!

We’ll randomly choose a winner on July 1!

The World of AIQ

April 14, 2019 | by Shianne

If you've been listening to the show, you may be wondering where, exactly, our action takes place. Well, wonder no more! Here are maps of the locations visited in the show so far. First is the map of Vail, which is the whole world of our campaign. The second map is of the Vast, which is the specific region we're in right now. We started in Landlock and traveled to Threshold (both can be found on the eastern side of the Vast map).

The Vast


Adventures in Questing: A History

March 23, 2019 | by Shianne

This is the brief tale of how we came to be…

It started in the fall of 2016, when our DM Max, living the post-college life, had the brilliant idea to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons for his friends. It was the day after Thanksgiving, and he called up Tristan, our friend Dannielle, and me. We gathered around the fireplace at my house and started a game in the classic style: with all of us meeting in a tavern. None of us really knew what we were doing, but we knew we were having an incredibly fun time.

Our group soon grew in size. We started playing regularly, and although we’ve gotten busy at various times over the last three years and had to slow down our game, we’ve never stopped playing. Our group has changed a bit over the years, with some of our dear friends heading off to grad school or grown-up jobs, and new friends joining the party.

We’ve played through four campaigns so far. Our first campaign included Tristan, Katelyn, and me, and it was a wild one, involving our characters traveling through time and space to underwater worlds, fantastic cities, and even...Miami. In our next campaign, Jaiden joined the team. We played as a group of siblings reclaiming their ancestral homeland in Hell or Highwater, a fast-paced and highly dramatic tale reminiscent of Game of Thrones meets Chronicles of Narnia. Suni joined the team for our next game, Tooth & Claw, a high-level tale of ultimate heroics as our characters saved the world from the return of the evil dragon goddess Tiamat. Most recently, we finished the campaign we ended up calling The Valar, an epic tale of rebellion and betrayal, and added Michelle and Ali to the group along the way.

Last summer, I posted a clip of our game on Reddit that went unexpectedly viral, with lots of people commenting that they’d like to see more from our game. That planted the idea of eventually starting a podcast. It seemed like a natural fit, since we’re a bunch of theatre people with skills in acting, playwriting, sound design, music composition, arts administration, and marketing. And we’re all pretty funny, if we do say so ourselves.

We decided that we’d try this podcast thing with our next campaign, and after wrapping up The Valar on January 6, 2019, the wheels were set in motion to record, edit and release our next game. Now, several long months later, it’s finally happening! We’re so excited to share our latest story with the world. We hope our passion for this game is apparent, and that you’ll join us on what is sure to be an incredible journey!