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right now, we're in the third chapter of our story! if you're new to AIQ, start at episode 1 to experience the whole journey!

September 18, 2019

Welcome to the third chapter of Adventures in Questing! We last left our heroes as they set ashore on the isle of Faithhaven. As the Reds start to explore during their three days of shore leave, they meet new friends with unexpected connections, do some soul-searching in the name of the Storm Goddess, and uncover clues that shake the very foundations of history. Plus: NPCs that know other NPCs, oh boy! Thora meets like-minded individuals! Everyone's favorite Storm Paladin—Rihanna! Return of the Lore Whore! Max's dream Renaissance painting!

We are simply stoked to get back into the story! As always, thanks for listening, and we'd love it if you'd share us with a fellow D&D-loving, or story-loving, or podcast-loving, or fantasy-loving friend! Oh, and by the way, we're releasing on Wednesdays now—happy hump day!

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